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What is the meaning of sneak peek in Hindi?

Meaning of sneak peek in Hindi is :

Definition of word sneak peek

Examples of word sneak peek

  • Good selection of men's underwear, plus lubes, oils and more RealMENrealHOT. com releases a sneakpeek at what's new!
  • Until then Canadians can visit www. diamondshreddies.com / sneakpeek (a URL that can only be accessed via this online news story) to get behind the scenes, VIP access to preview the announcement which will include Shreddies customer comments and additional responses from The President of Shreddies.
  • lol i agree with konamouse, only 30 mill for the movie it self but they can go through all this trouble to get viral sites made and get a sneakpeek on new years eve on ABC plus all of the billboards poping up.
  • Click HERE for sneakpeek previews of customed-Devil Dogs [WHAT] done for the upcoming Osaka Popstar Devil Dog Art Show @ the Showroom NYC Gallery this October
  • Haha, sneakpeek under my skirt;) Since you never see what's underneth I never put labels there either, but my bloomers and petticoat are obligatory for all my outfits:) I use diffrent underskirts for diffrent skirts/dresses.


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