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What is the meaning of smarty in Hindi?

Meaning of smarty in Hindi is :

Definition of word smarty

  • An obnoxiously clever or quick-witted person; a smart aleck. (noun)

Examples of word smarty

  • THIS IS JUST PERVERTED “ooh ah dance in smarty pants”?
  • I agree completely, also because you can very easily restrict what can be used in smarty, which is handy when non-programmers have to touch it.
  • You are known as a smarty pants by those around you and probably have the ability to stay chill when everyone else is freaking out.
  • Again, that predictive kind of smarty pants sort of attitude oftentimes that journalists bring to it.
  • Someone identified as the Canadian owner of a smart car has posted details in an online forum about the terrifying ordeal his "smarty" endured.


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