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What is the meaning of sling in Hindi?

Meaning of sling in Hindi is : स्लिंग

Definition of word sling

  • To throw with a circular or arcing motion. (verb)
    एक गोलाकार या उभरी हुई गति के साथ फेंकना।
  • An instrument for throwing stones or other missiles, consisting of a short strap with two strings fastened to its ends, or with a string fastened to one end and a light stick to the other. (noun)
    पत्थरों या अन्य मिसाइलों को फेंकने के लिए एक उपकरण, जिसमें एक छोटा पट्टा होता है जिसमें दो तारों को उसके सिरों तक बांधा जाता है, या एक तार के साथ एक छोर तक बांधा जाता है और दूसरे पर एक हल्की छड़ी होती है।

Examples of word sling

    • April 14, 2008 kgirl said ... the sling is awesome, and you'll love it - i got a nice, brown ring sling from baby on the hip, and i am so glad. saturday was so much fun. i'm still recovering from my two drinks.
    • Remember that the sling is there to replace your arms, thus settling the baby on your body just like you like to carry them will mean you know already that they are comfortable and positioned correctly.
    • The upright position in the sling is a good place to start.
    • The captain then rigged what he called a sling, which was a sort of loop of ropes that a person could be put into and made to slide down in it on the cable to the shore.
    • The recipe for a gin sling is found in Mrs. Beeton’s cookbook, which shows the acceptability of gin in middle-class households by the mid-Victorian era:
    • But at least Summer Glau was hot in sling and black glove.
    • See, the beauty of our homemade ring sling is that both of us can wear it, with only a bit of adjustment.
    • A few years back I invested in sling and swivels for my 870 pump and that made a BIG difference.
    • The versatility of the detachable sling is great for packing the gun to and from the blind.