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What is the meaning of slickly in Hindi?

Meaning of slickly in Hindi is : चिकने कागज़ ओअर

Definition of word slickly

  • In a slick manner; slipperily. (adverb)

Examples of word slickly

  • He has even become an unlikely fashion role model for a new generation of Hermanphiles who parade around town in slickly updated interpretations of their idol’s gray geek suits.
  • Wait, Palin uttered no falsehoods but "slickly" crafted her speech so as to present the bridge issue in a positive light?
  • Generally speaking, this blog unearths semi-forgotten dance pop from the late ’80s, ’90s and early 2000s — the kind of slickly produced, no longer available major label stuff that is too recent to be nostalgic, yet also obscure enough to fly under everyone’s radar (even when it was new).
  • But NPR or PRI did a story on them earlier today and it’s scary to think that this kind of slickly pakaged “reality” can be passed along to an unsuspecting public with little or no oversight.
  • A widely – though not exclusively – sceptical public needs to be put in the picture as slickly and comprehensively as possible while racing's opponents put their cases that a carefully constructed and tough set of whip rules generally fall well within acceptable parameters.


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