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What is the meaning of sleet in Hindi?

Meaning of sleet in Hindi is : हिमी वर्षा/सहिम वृष्टि

Definition of word sleet

  • A mixture of rain and snow. (noun)
    बारिश और बर्फ का मिश्रण।
  • To be in a state in which sleet is falling. (verb)
    ऐसी स्थिति में होना जिसमें नींद गिर रही हो।

Examples of word sleet

    • The hill-people in the country of Lampong speak indeed of a peculiar kind of rain that falls there, which some have supposed to be what we call sleet; but the fact is not sufficiently established.
    • The clouds are low and solid, and the blowing sleet is almost horizontal.
    • Don't have time to comment, going to give some serious tips how to stay warm like ATV and snowmobiling at 30 below or a 110 above, rain sleet or snow you can do it!
    • Once friends and I rode 27 miles in sleet to a drop camp, only to find that a bear had raided it: The tent was down, poles were scattered, ropes broken.
    • The word sleet, in the chorus, seems to be corrupted from selt or salt; a quantity of which, in compliance with a popular superstition, is frequently placed on the breast of a corpse.
    • A warmer temperature had thawed off the thin sleet, and the pavements were drying.
    • No sleet is keeping me away from the new Goodburger loation on 45th btw. 5+6th, which is now certified officially open (Eater take notice …) No more trekking north to the 50s or east to 3rd Ave, the heart of Midtown Lunch’ing finally has its very own overpriced burger place.
    • And of course around here it is never just snow; it is ice and sleet, which is a lot worse than snow -- unless you are in a full blown blizzard.