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What is the meaning of sixer in Hindi?

Meaning of sixer in Hindi is : छक्का

Definition of word sixer

  • A Cub Scout who leads a group of six. (noun)

Examples of word sixer

  • Just left the Chamber to find the First Minister in his room in deep discussion with two brownies from Caerphilly, including a 'sixer' - a senior position in 'brownie's world'.
  • Sitting right next door to the sixer was the single, at $.99, the econo pack was looking pretty good, coming in at just over $.66 each!
  • I have to say that the young 'sixer' looked entirely at home in the heart of Government - and looked totally relaxed when facing the TV cameras.
  • The next bit I did was a 'sixer' (six months), and I escaped from prison in about three weeks after I got it.
  • Before long he had overtaken his fellow - "sixer," and almost immediately drew up to our champion.


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