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What is the meaning of similar in Hindi?

Meaning of similar in Hindi is : समान/तुल्य

Definition of word similar

  • Having traits or characteristics in common; alike, comparable. (adjective)
    समान लक्षण या विशेषताएँ होना; समान, तुलनीय।
  • That which is similar to, or resembles, something else, as in quality, form, etc. (noun)
    वह जो गुण, रूप आदि में किसी अन्य वस्तु के समान या सदृश हो।

Examples of word similar

    • If you go to other parts of the planet at similar latitudes and with similar climates, you may find different species of conifers or lycopodia or seed-eating birds, but you'll find _similar_ species making up an ecosystem overall so much like the other that an untrained observer may not notice the difference.
    • Jiau's lawyer, Joanna Hendon, said her client deserved a term similar to the 18 months Rakoff imposed on a co-defendant in the expert-networking investigation.
    • The guard had worn an expression similar to the white-clothed man who was leading him at the moment; apparently the boss man wanted all his employees to be resocialized.
    • Throughout his speech, Mr. Obama made repeated references to Republican plans and ideas, and even used a phrase similar to that employed by House Majority Leader Eric Cantor of Virginia when he talked about American's getting their "fair shake."
    • In the event of a tie for first place at the championship, in both the events, there will be a playoff for the title similar to previous years.
    • It was a word similar to misunderstanding, which when Grace thought of it now, was like those huge beautiful air balloons, a hundred feet in circumference, that the Japanese had sent across the ocean, nearly ten thousand of them, during the Second World War.