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What is the meaning of shorthand in Hindi?

Meaning of shorthand in Hindi is : संक्षेप लेख

Definition of word shorthand

  • A compendious and rapid method of writing by substituting symbols, for letters, words, etc.; short writing; stenography; phonography (noun)
  • any brief or shortened way of saying or doing something (noun)

Examples of word shorthand

  • Without the webkit, moz, and o declarations, the full rule (not in shorthand) would be:
  • In order, the properties set in shorthand are the property to be transitioned (color), the duration of the transition (.5 second), and the type of transition (ease-in).
  • All other letters were rubber-stamped by Mr. Blake, who, also, in shorthand, in the course of the hour, put down the indicated answers to many letters and received the formula designations of reply to many other letters.
  • He studied book - keeping and type-writing, and he paid for lessons in shorthand by dictating at night to a court reporter who needed practice.
  • But this shorthand is Orwellian doublespeak that turns victim into perpetrator and distorts history.


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