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What is the meaning of shift in Hindi?

Meaning of shift in Hindi is : हिलडुल करना

Definition of word shift

  • To change, swap. (verb)
    बदलने के लिए, स्वैप करें।
  • a type of women's undergarment, a slip (noun)
    एक प्रकार का महिलाओं का अंडरगारमेंट, एक पर्ची

Examples of word shift

    • The term shift work disorder, or SWD, may be new to you.
    • That's why I think the term "shift" is more accurate.
    • This shift is code for sending the nearly three million people who live in camps, under the protection of U.N. forces, back home to their villages, where they are to be "protected" by the very Sudanese forces that have been slaughtering them for the last seven years.
    • Funcom's new MMO project, The Secret World, has been in the works for some time already, and it sounds like its going to take a good while longer, the online game specialists confirming that major changes will see the title shift fundamentally from original plans. blog, Funcom's Ragnar Tornquist has said that these new changes will take a while to be implemented - seeing the game pushed back.
    • The fundamental block on making this shift is the Pakistan government, which appears to have powerful domestic reasons to want to be able say, even as pure fig leaf, the US military is not fighting in Pakistan.