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What is the meaning of sentence in Hindi?

Meaning of sentence in Hindi is : वाक्य
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Definition of word sentence

  • A grammatical unit that is syntactically independent and has a subject that is expressed or, as in imperative sentences, understood and a predicate that contains at least one finite verb. (noun)
  • Law A court judgment, especially a judicial decision of the punishment to be inflicted on one adjudged guilty. (noun)
  • Law The penalty meted out. (noun)
  • Archaic A maxim. (noun)
  • Obsolete An opinion, especially one given formally after deliberation. (noun)
  • Law To pronounce sentence upon (one adjudged guilty). See Synonyms at condemn. (verb-transitive)

Examples of word sentence

  • Example: sentence = her other coat is red var1 = her var2 = his check character to the left of % var1% to be replaced and store the value into var_left check character to the right of % var1% to be replaced and store the value into var_right if both % var_left% and % var_right% contain spaces then replace % var1% with % var2% else move on to next word in % sentence%
  • But in my Method the aim is _to repeat as much of the sentence as is possible informing the question and the whole of it in each reply_; and in _question and reply_ the _word_ that _constitutes the point of both_ is to be especially _emphasized_, and in this way _the mind is exercised on each word of the sentence twice_ (once in question and once in answer), and _each word of the sentence is emphasized in reference to the whole of the sentence_.
  • The beauty of this simple Latin sentence is that the (to us) out-of-sequence word order actually reinforces its poetic meaning by beginning with a sort of floating adjective, level, that must wait until the very end before it joins up with its noun, in this case waters.
  • That sentence is code for people die during the crossing.
  • The jury -- the -- the judge has 90 days to issue what he calls a sentence, which is (INAUDIBLE) which is the reason he gave the -- the decision he did today.

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