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What is the meaning of sense of humor in Hindi?

Meaning of sense of humor in Hindi is :

Definition of word sense of humor

  • Alternative spelling of sense of humour. (noun)

Examples of word sense of humor

  • It compared Ms. Li to Chinese NBA star Yao Ming, noting that both "can speak very fluent English, and both of them have a kind of sense of humor that is appreciated by foreigners."
  • Leonard Howell was fairly shrewd at driving a bargain, and was possessed of an exterior which on first sight would indicate rather a hard nature; but those who knew him well could bear testimony to his benevolence of heart, and also to a keen sense of humor which he at times manifested.
  • Displaying its sense of humor at the theft of its craft, Mencken offered this: The rat, cockroach and bedbug eradicators of the country had for years an organization called the American Society of Exterminating Engineers.
  • Luckily, Jonellen has a great sense of humor and a soft spot in her heart for fools.
  • He came across as an intellectual man with a wry sense of humor and an obsessive interest in his work, traits which drew Marijane Placek to him right away.

Varients Of Word sense of humor

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