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What is the meaning of senescence in Hindi?

Meaning of senescence in Hindi is : सठियाव

Definition of word senescence

  • The state or process of ageing, especially in humans; old age. (noun)

Examples of word senescence

  • The gene is involved in senescence, a process that is thought to ensure that aging cells do not pass on harmful mutations.
  • The change was called senescence, or sanctification.
  • A team of international researchers, working for the US Department of Agriculture and led by Dr Cai-Zhong Jiang, a plant physiologist at the University of California-Davis, has been experimenting with methods to forestall the natural ageing process in plants - called "senescence" - and have found that TDZ, when added to water in concentrations of five-10 parts per million, can achieve
  • That process is called senescence—when the cells stop dividing permanently, or they undergo apoptosis the cell death we described earlier in the book, in which they’re broken up and reabsorbed.
  • Most young, healthy cells divide continuously in order to keep body tissues and organs functioning properly, but eventually stop splitting—a state called senescence—and are replaced by others.
  • Although we all have a terminal disease called senescence, he's been living with a different sort of knowledge of how he might die than the rest of us have.