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What is the meaning of security in Hindi?

Meaning of security in Hindi is : सुरक्षितता

Definition of word security

  • The condition of not being threatened, especially physically, psychologically, emotionally, or financially. (noun)
  • Something that secures. (noun)
  • An organization or department responsible for providing security by enforcing laws, rules, and regulations as well as maintaining order. (noun)
  • Something that secures the fulfillment of an obligation or law. (noun)
  • Freedom from apprehension. (noun)
  • Proof of ownership of stocks, bonds or other investment instruments.W (noun)
  • property temporarily relinquished to guarantee repayment of a loan. (noun)

Examples of word security

  • The final constitution should give effect to a progressive concept of security and should accordingly provide principled guidelines regarding the objectives of security and the interpretation of threats to security*.
  • He was not desiring territory, but protection and security to the interests of his people, _security_ to prevent the
  • There is no security adress listed at [1] and hence took the industry standard security contacts addresses secure@ and security@. secure@xxxxxxxx, secure@xxxxxxxxx, security@xxxxxxxxx security@xxxxxxxx No reply.
  • Fightertrainer. com will be at the Madtown Throwdown on AUG 1st in Madison, WI. lyndeross My husband at bible study = sweet security dcsecurityjobs Have a #security clearance question?
  • After I got through security (jacket went through Xray) and was waiting to board, I reached in my pocket and realized I had a 4″ lockback knife… completely ignored by the ’security’ folks (lucky for me).


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