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What is the meaning of secure in Hindi?

Meaning of secure in Hindi is : हासिल करना

Definition of word secure

  • Free from attack or danger; protected. (adjective)
  • To make secure (in all the above senses). (verb)

Examples of word secure

    • He'll discuss his plan for what he calls a secure energy future.
    • He'll discuss his plans for what he calls a secure energy future.
    • He'll be discussing his plan for what he calls a secure energy future.
    • BLITZER: So when the national security director, Negroponte, says that there are secure hideouts in Pakistan, a lot of experts suggest that, in this Waziristan area, some of the tribal border areas in Pakistan, not far from Afghanistan, that you have effectively allowed not only Al Qaida, but the Taliban, to have what he calls secure hideouts.
    • Marine helicopters arrived at the U.S. embassy in Beirut with a team of military personnel who are supposed to survey the situation from a security standpoint, as to see how they can establish what they call a secure and orderly withdrawal of nationals there.
    • KING: A year ago, as we saw some of it in that piece, the vice president was the one who directed the government's response from a minute-by-minute basis back at the White House -- today, the vice president back in what we became so familiar with in the days after last September 11, what we call a secure and undisclosed location.
    • I did just see a spokesperson, by the way, for the speaker of the House, Mr. Dennis Hastert, who tells me that Mr. Hastert and others leaders have been evacuated into what he called the secure location.
    • When children are fortunate enough to have reasonably warm, consistent, and supportive parenting, they have what we call a secure base—a sanctuary where they can meet their dual needs for nurturance and validation.