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What is the meaning of seat warmer in Hindi?

Meaning of seat warmer in Hindi is :

Definition of word seat warmer

Examples of word seat warmer

  • It looks like he's doing everything he needs to to unseat Jacobsen, who's been a seatwarmer for far too long. ianfromthe46th
  • No quality manager will want to come in and be a seatwarmer for the eventual successor (unless his surname is Goh).
  • Over the past four years Medvedev has done nothing to dispel the impression that he is anything other than a useful seatwarmer, his time in the Kremlin a legalistic blip in an epoch of endless Putin rule.
  • It is obvious that Mr. Singh, the seatwarmer PM who dances to the tune set by Soniya Gandhi was making two statements, one for the international audience and one for the domestic crtics.
  • However the two faced, seatwarmer known as a Puppet Prime Minister in Delhi made a statement that contradicted the official statements.


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