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What is the meaning of scrutiny in Hindi?

Meaning of scrutiny in Hindi is : स‌ंवीक्षा (परिशोधन

Definition of word scrutiny

  • Intense study of someone or something. (noun)
    किसी का या किसी चीज का गहन अध्ययन।
  • To scrutinize. (verb)
    छानबीन करना।

Examples of word scrutiny

    • I would say the class in scrutiny is definitely the beneficiary of theft.
    • One aspect of the newly-passed FISA law that deserves a bit of extra scrutiny is the amount of pressure it puts on “minimization procedures,” one of the few points of contact between the surveillance program and the FISA court.
    • BEIJING Airlines are being told to stay away from Beijing's airport during the opening ceremony of the Olympics and further scrutiny is being applied to foreign entertainers in the latest security moves ahead of next month's games.
    • An anonymous AFP writer or editor puts the word "scrutiny" in the title and doesn't even bother to interview any other outside experts in the field about what they might think.
    • This kind of scrutiny is easy for researchers to applaud when a news report questions dodgy statistics or dubious claims about uncertainties in evolution.