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What is the meaning of schizophrenia in Hindi?

Meaning of schizophrenia in Hindi is : एक प्रकार का पागलपन
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Definition of word schizophrenia

  • Any of a group of psychotic disorders usually characterized by withdrawal from reality, illogical patterns of thinking, delusions, and hallucinations, and accompanied in varying degrees by other emotional, behavioral, or intellectual disturbances. Schizophrenia is associated with dopamine imbalances in the brain and may have an underlying genetic cause. (noun)
  • A situation or condition that results from the coexistence of disparate or antagonistic qualities, identities, or activities: the national schizophrenia that results from carrying out an unpopular war. (noun)

Examples of word schizophrenia

  • Thirty years ago, the term schizophrenia was a catchall phrase to diagnose all manner of aberrant behavior.
  • However, we are using the term schizophrenia colloquially so as to not muddy our political-philosophical analysis with clinical analysis, a topic on which neither authors are literate.
  • But back to your conscience; I know that psychiatrists used to use the term schizophrenia to describe a variety of mental conditions that didn't have any other definable title or description, so I wonder if perhaps you have been diagnosed as a sociopath in a similar way because the doctor had a bit of trouble pinpointing what was exactly the problem.
  • Although the meaning of this sentence is obscure, it is evident that in both examples, the term schizophrenia is used to indicate a splitting apart or splitting into two of what should be unitary.
  • Eugene Bleuler accepted much of Kraepelin’s thinking and, in fact, applied the term schizophrenia to the disorder to imply that a schism or splitting of the various psychic functions “was one of the most outstanding characteristics” Arieti, 1974, p. 13 of the disease.

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