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What is the meaning of schizophrenia in Hindi?

Meaning of schizophrenia in Hindi is : स्किजोफ्रीनिया

Definition of word schizophrenia

  • A psychiatric diagnosis denoting a persistent, often chronic, mental illness variously affecting behavior, thinking, and emotion. (noun)
  • Any condition in which disparate or mutually exclusive activities coexist. (noun)

Examples of word schizophrenia

    • Thirty years ago, the term schizophrenia was a catchall phrase to diagnose all manner of aberrant behavior.
    • However, we are using the term schizophrenia colloquially so as to not muddy our political-philosophical analysis with clinical analysis, a topic on which neither authors are literate.
    • But back to your conscience; I know that psychiatrists used to use the term schizophrenia to describe a variety of mental conditions that didn't have any other definable title or description, so I wonder if perhaps you have been diagnosed as a sociopath in a similar way because the doctor had a bit of trouble pinpointing what was exactly the problem.
    • Although the meaning of this sentence is obscure, it is evident that in both examples, the term schizophrenia is used to indicate a splitting apart or splitting into two of what should be unitary.
    • Eugene Bleuler accepted much of Kraepelin’s thinking and, in fact, applied the term schizophrenia to the disorder to imply that a schism or splitting of the various psychic functions “was one of the most outstanding characteristics” Arieti, 1974, p. 13 of the disease.


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