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What is the meaning of saved in Hindi?

Meaning of saved in Hindi is :

Definition of word saved

  • Simple past tense and past participle of save. (verb)
  • Rescued from the consequences of sin. (adjective)
    पाप के फल से मुक्ति मिली।

Examples of word saved

    • But it is not those who merely get saved that can claim this promise; it is those who _keep saved_ and carry out the principles of the plan of righteousness.
    • LOTHIAN: The $787 billion stimulus program would save jobs of police officers or create new ones for idle construction workers, but the term saved or created was controversial, because calculating what jobs were not eliminated wasn't an exact science.
    • When tasting and purchasing port, keep in mind that not every year is declared a vintage since vintage port is a designation saved for the best.
    • The monk turned to the farmers. “Who would like to tell me the tale of how the sheep moved from one field to another. ” “Well, ” said Farmer Rae “Last winter was harsh, very harsh, and some people did not have enough grain saved from the summer and their sheep were left bleating and hungry in the field.
    • The boys put in their own bits too, things that reminded them of their dad - like a feather they'd found on a walk or the label saved from their favourite Christmas present.
    • £100, yet the farmer generally had at the end of his term saved six or seven years 'rent, besides a' fair garnish of pewter on his cupboard ', and odd vessels, also' three or four feather beds, so manie coverlids and carpets of tapestry, a silver salt, a bowle for wine, and a dozzen of spoones to furnish up the sute '.
    • This thing about Christians can only be "saved" is nuts.
    • This thing about Christians can only be "saved" is nuts?
    • Meanwhile the primate that was "saved" is throwing feces at someone's head and continually banging his private parts against a steel cage.