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What is the meaning of satisfactory in Hindi?

Meaning of satisfactory in Hindi is : सन्तोषप्रद

Definition of word satisfactory

  • Done to satisfaction; adequate or sufficient (adjective)
    संतुष्टि के लिए किया; पर्याप्त या पर्याप्त

Examples of word satisfactory

  • _clear, fair_, and _satisfactory_, not in our being always ready to offer an explanation, whether satisfactory or not.
  • Mr Lightman said: It is seriously misleading that Ofsted continues to interpret the term satisfactory as the opposite of its dictionary definition.
  • But Howells thought the title satisfactory, and indeed it was the best that could have been selected for the series.
  • Inspectors are being urged to abandon the term "satisfactory" to describe schools in the wake of evidence that thousands of those so labelled have serious weaknesses.
  • I don't want the word 'satisfactory' to exist in our education system.
  • "This is what I call satisfactory," said Bill, as they sat at breakfast next morning.
  • 'This is what I call satisfactory,' said Bill, as they sat at breakfast next morning.
  • This is what we call satisfactory evidence, and with the poor means at our disposal it must suffice.
  • Suddenly the Major declared his intention of putting the whole of Ross's establishment (including bicycle) on what he called a satisfactory basis by