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What is the meaning of saponins in Hindi?

Meaning of saponins in Hindi is :

Definition of word saponins

  • Plural form of saponin. (noun)

Examples of word saponins

  • In addition, beet sugar sometimes carries traces of defensive chemicals called saponins, which resemble soaps.
  • The outer pericarp of many quinoa varieties contains bitter defensive compounds called saponins, which can be removed by brief washing and rubbing in cold water prolonged soaking deposits saponins within the seed.
  • The active ingredients are called saponins, which are harmless to mammals, do not irritate the skin and do not render the fish inedible.
  • Another group of steroids, found in certain plants are called saponins (sap'oh-ninz; "soap" L, because they form a soapy solution).
  • It has a chemical defense called saponins which are very effective in deterring predators.


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