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What is the meaning of sanitizer in Hindi?

Meaning of sanitizer in Hindi is : स्वच्छकारी

Definition of word sanitizer

  • Agent noun of sanitize; one who sanitizes; a product that provides a sanitized result (e.g. a hand sanitizer). (noun)

Examples of word sanitizer

  • People, hand sanitizer is great for those times in between hand washings when you’re caught without a sink, but not as a sub for the real thing!
  • But the often-snarky British weekly noted: “Needless to say, holding the president’s hand-sanitizer is a far cry from heading a Fortune 500 company.”
  • I needed some sanitizer for some home brew that needed to be put into bottles and this sanitizer is really the best stuff. 2 weeks again, and then since nobody was home (more like they just didn’t knock since my roommate is home on disability with a busted leg, so he cannot really just leave) they made me come pick it up or wait 4 more days.
  • A sanitizer is a chemical that kills a certain percentage of specific test bacteria within a specific short time span.
  • His character Sheldon, noted for his sizable ego, would be enthused by the adulation, too - provided he had a boundless supply of hand sanitizer, that is.


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