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What is the meaning of salve in Hindi?

Meaning of salve in Hindi is : शान्त करना

Definition of word salve

  • An ointment, cream, or balm with soothing, healing, or calming effects. (noun)
  • Any thing or action that soothes or heals. (noun)
  • To calm or assuage. (verb)
  • To salvage. (verb)
  • An astronomical term meaning to save (the appearances or the phenomena); to explain (a celestial phenomenon); to account for (the apparent motions of the celestial bodies). (verb)
  • to resolve (a difficulty); to refute (an objection); to harmonize (an apparent contradiction). (verb)
  • To explain away; to mitigate; to excuse (verb)

Examples of word salve

  • _Arnica salve, Urtica urens, tincture and salve_, and Dr. Reisig's _Homoeopathic Pain Extractor_ are the best specific remedies for _Burns_.
  • This salve is strong stuff, Page, but there is nothing else for it.
  • No long term salve was applied to the state's fiscal problems.
  • And some parts of the credit markets showed skepticism about the Fed's move, too, despite hopes that it will provide a short-term salve to some of the margin-call issues that have hindered the normal functioning of the financial markets lately.
  • Whereon he finds in my name salve for the wounds of his own, and comes aboard, kissing my fist, with Spanish lies of holding himself fortunate that he had fallen into the hands of fortunate Drake, and much more, which he might have kept to cool his porridge.


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