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What is the meaning of rutabagas in Hindi?

Meaning of rutabagas in Hindi is :

Definition of word rutabagas

  • Plural form of rutabaga. (noun)

Examples of word rutabagas

  • Jonna tricked me into letting her park La Tortuga, her mobile estate, in front of my imposing maison for a few nights by bribing me with rutabagas from the far Nawth (impossible to find at lake Chapala) and a couple of bags of Calloway Gardens Speckled Heart Stone Ground Enriched Grits from Georgia.
  • They said, 'As soon as there's something else to eat, I'll never eat rutabagas again.'
  • And if they bought Playboy or rutabagas, someone would be able to tell.
  • SIMON: (Unintelligible) youre reaching for the rutabagas, you could get a message saying: And you might want to try the tomatoes too.
  • Grounding roots (especially those that grow in cold climates) such as onions, rutabagas and turnips can help one better acclimate to the seasons.

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