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What is the meaning of romanized in Hindi?

Meaning of romanized in Hindi is :

Definition of word romanized

  • Simple past tense and past participle of romanize. (verb)
  • written in the Latin alphabet (adjective)

Examples of word romanized

    • For what it's worth, I've seen relatives with the same family name romanized three different ways, due to just going along with whatever the official wrote for them.
    • Thankfully, these languages are typically 'romanized' as well, which means the Roman alphabet is used to represent the sounds of the language to the best possible degree.
    • my jewish parents came from germany and alsace to america in the 1850s. my understanding is that the jews were allowed into those areas because they were roman citizens, after having been "romanized"...did the roman empire have good qualities? were the jews protected by the romans as
    • It is partly for this reason that I have . . . retained the old system of romanized spellings as opposed to the more recently introduced pinyin, and partly in order to acknowledge that, whatever lens it may be viewed through, the walled city that was 'Peking' in 1954 really is not the same city as the 'Beijing' of the early twenty-first century.
    • The 74-year-old's home temple is Louguantai, in Shaanxi province, where Daoism's spiritual founder, Laozi, dictated the religion's main text, the Tao Te Ching (also romanized as Daodejing) before ascending to immortality.