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What is the meaning of rob in Hindi?

Meaning of rob in Hindi is : वचिंत करना

Definition of word rob

  • A diminutive of the male given name Robert. (proper noun)
    पुरुष का एक छोटा नाम रॉबर्ट दिया गया।

Examples of word rob

  • In the Silicon Valley start-up obsessed world he inhabits, that means being facebook.com/rob or @Rob on Twitter.
  • It was the second trailer mostly, cut down, and it had some extra moments between rob and the soldiers, Rob says "if you want to stop me your going to have to shoot me"
  • As fas as rob goes I wil still definately go see the movie, but I do think some short scenes of Rob should be included in the movie.
  • if rob is holding the camera and talking into it, that would make sense, otherwise HUD is probably holding it as Rob does a confessional type piece.
  • To bring this full circle, today I'm announcing the start of another addition to what I call the Rob Kelly Family of Blogs--Rob Kelly Illustration, which will focus solely on my illustration work er, hence the title.
  • Especial, which you know as Rob said, is at 30 million cases, and it's still growing at
  • Kristen then continued making fun of the tabloid rumors by saying that Rob is actually having the baby.
  • Now Rob is also wanting to get us a host for our domain, even though I tried to deny him and tell him enough was already enough, he and Holy