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What is the meaning of risk in Hindi?

Meaning of risk in Hindi is : ख़तरा

Definition of word risk

  • A possible, usually negative, outcome, e.g., a danger. (noun)
    एक संभावित, आमतौर पर नकारात्मक, परिणाम, जैसे, एक खतरा।
  • To incur risk (to something). (verb)
    जोखिम उठाना (किसी चीज के लिए)।

Examples of word risk

    • Read more about the risk factors for SIDS and take a look at the 7 things that reduce your baby's risk  (subscribers only).
    • As for me, a rough calculation of my risk factors showed that I was not at “intermediate risk” for heart disease, and therefore not a good candidate for a CT scan.
    • And the more constant he is in his attendance at the sacred rite, the greater will be his risk; his _risk_, I say; that is, if he neglects to be jealous over himself, to watch himself narrowly, and to condemn and hate in himself the faintest risings of coldness and irreverence; for, of course, if he so acts, the less will be his risk, and the greater will be his security that his heart will not betray him.
    • Analysts said production of such vehicles was still small enough that there was little short-term risk from a shortage of rare earths, but this could change quickly.
    • Was the phrase "risk of penis amputation" included in the pre-surgery discussion?