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What is the meaning of rightful in Hindi?

Meaning of rightful in Hindi is : वैध

Definition of word rightful

  • By right, by law. (adjective)
    अधिकार से, कानून से।

Examples of word rightful

  • We're live as he shows up to take what he calls his rightful place.
  • He expressed appreciation for South Africa's support of what he termed a rightful struggle.
  • Actions like these will make it very hard for your sons to claim what you refer to as their rightful share.
  • Kansas is not THAT cold (although it might not be in rightful relativity compared to Minnesota) suz on
  • Obedience: to God, to conscience, to those in rightful authority.
  • England, and incite the people to bring back him they called their rightful king.
  • He does not purpose to come back to France unless he whom he calls his rightful king again rules the land.
  • An elfin man of doleful mien, Mr. Wisdom was often described as the rightful heir to
  • "Sound now the horn which King Oberon did give you-for this is so great a peril that he will grant your call a rightful one."
  • This hall has been called his rightful kingdom; he sits among the other minstrels consciously like a young monarch.