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What is the meaning of ricotta in Hindi?

Meaning of ricotta in Hindi is :

Definition of word ricotta

  • a soft Italian unsalted cheese resembling cottage cheese (noun)

Examples of word ricotta

  • But you need to make sure that the ricotta is well drained, so you can place it in some cheesecloth and let it drip over a bowl in the refrigerator overnight, so that the filling will not be too liquid.
  • Myriam, what a delicious post - I'm a true believer that ricotta is good paired with almost anything.
  • PS: Do you think ricotta is a good substitute for mascarpone here?
  • True ricotta is poverty food intended to wring the last bits of protein from milk by reheating the whey that's left from making another cheese (hence the name ricotta - or recooked).
  • 19 April 2007 21: 22 myriam said ... village vegan - we like to recycle. so of course do we use winebottles not just for centrepieces but also as a tool in the kitchen! yey! patricia - i agree. ricotta is so good. i always keep a glass full of some homemade ricotta in the fridge. sometimes i eat it pure on bread with some honey and pesto. just delish!


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