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What is the meaning of rew in Hindi?

Meaning of rew in Hindi is :

Definition of word rew

  • Obsolete form of row. (noun)
    पंक्ति का अप्रचलित रूप।

Examples of word rew

  • "To-morrow," said C'rew, and the click in her tired voice sounded even above the whirring of the heavy machine, for C'rew's head ached and her back ached, and possibly her heart ached too, for herself and Norma and the child and poor people in one-windowed tenement rooms in general.
  • Andrew (good name, by the way, although I recommend replacing the "rew" with "y" to make it even better) the author of The Parallax Brief, is an English expat working in a Moscow-based investment bank.
  • An'rew's the best o 'men, but a lass canna hae a man til hersel' jist 'cause he's the best man i 'the warl'! "
  • I reviewed that prior exchange with Raevmo, and if one looks at mammalian populations, versus bacterial, then strength of the argument stands, especially in light of the fact a complex benefeficial (by complex I mean by more than a rew nucleotide) is rare.
  • Tina and Mercedes were Team JC, Puck proclaimed Jesus to be his, "number one Heb [rew]," Mr. Shu remained diplomatic and Sue Sylvester dismissed the idea of religion being brought up in a public school at all.
  • SCA-rew that no caffeine noise-gimme NoDoz or give me death!
  • Six men and three women were hit by the gunfire around 7: 30 p.m. in the southeastern part of the city, said D.C. Police Department spokesman Officer Hugh C.rew.