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What is the meaning of retirements in Hindi?

Meaning of retirements in Hindi is :

Definition of word retirements

  • Plural form of retirement. (noun)

Examples of word retirements

  • "We absolutely do not expect a large surge (in retirements) on the order of 1994," he said.
  • I have a feeling the trickle of Democrat retirements is about to become a flood.
  • Will people really be sympathetic to the view that blind luck might mean their retirements are a lot less enjoyable than their lucky neighbor who cashed out at a market peak?
  • If they do, the obvious alternative would be using stimulus funds to induce early retirements, that is, moving to 'first in, first out,' or FIFO.
  • It's a precarious situation: U.S. consumer spending is sustaining the economy — but we need to save more to prepare for the surge in retirements.
  • One-time pay reductions, program cuts or layoffs won't fix the county's growing cost of paying for retirements, which is expected to climb from $193 million in 2010-2011 to around
  • Antone White, a public-safety spokesman, said dealing with the retirements is a priority for the city.
  • Superintendent Keith Owen has described the district's goals to meet any teacher cuts first through attrition - namely retirements, resignations and cutting those jobs whose occupants had signed one-year contracts.