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What is the meaning of restorative in Hindi?

Meaning of restorative in Hindi is : स्वास्थ्यकर

Definition of word restorative

  • Something believed to have restoring properties. (noun)
  • An alcoholic drink, especially with tonic. (noun)
  • Serving to restore. (adjective)

Examples of word restorative

  • The government said its proposal would begin to achieve what it calls "restorative justice," an apparent allusion to the Moros' complaints of discrimination and dispossession through the decades.
  • In fact, their sleep patterns mimic those who suffer from sleep disorders like sleep apnea, where you experience enough hours asleep but you don't spend enough hours in restorative sleep.
  • It can be the best short-term restorative and, who knows, you might wake up with your memory.
  • Schilling said he has little faith in restorative justice.
  • The conference has been, in short, restorative for a party that fears and even knows that electoral disaster is now just months away.


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