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What is the meaning of rest in Hindi?

Meaning of rest in Hindi is : हाथ मे होना

Definition of word rest

  • That which remains. (noun)
    जो रह गया है।
  • To remain. (verb)
    बने रहना।

Examples of word rest

    • But it must be followed by rest from mental labour, and is, in fact, a part of the same regimen which enforces rest -- it is an artificial _rest_.
    • But inasmuch as the recurrence of the _Sabbath-day_ was what constituted _a week_; in other words, since the essential feature of a week, as a Jewish division of time, was the recurrence of the Jewish day of rest; — τὸ σάββατον or τὰ σάββατα, the Hebrew name for _the day of rest_, became transferred to _the week_.
    • At the double lines at ten and three, there might be a rest of two minutes; an officer appointed for the purpose, ringing a bell at each of the parts marked on the plan, and making the signal for the _rest_, whatever signal might be determined upon.
    • The only blessing I hope from time is _forgetfulness_ -- my only prayer to heaven is -- _rest, rest, rest_.
    • IV. iii.27 (` is rest to do more exploits with his mace than a morris pike] [W: a Maurice-pike] This conjecture is very ingenious, yet the commentator talks unnecessarily of the _rest of a musket. _ by which he makes the hero of the speech set up the _rest_ of a _musket, _ to do exploits with a _pike.
    • I. i.138 (318,5) The sway, revenue, execution of the rest] [W: of th 'hest] I do not see any great difficulty in the words, _execution of the rest_, which are in both the old copies.
    • No one had ever sung it that way -- the rest is history.
    • So when I became of voting age, I went ahead and registered as a Democrat and the rest is history.