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What is the meaning of resourceless in Hindi?

Meaning of resourceless in Hindi is : साधनहीन

Definition of word resourceless

  • Without resources. (adjective)

Examples of word resourceless

  • But in reality, the tiny, resourceless government provided neither guns nor men nor mounts.20 It provided no uniforms, provisions, or barracks.
  • Michael Bloomberg is on pace to spend more than $100 million on his reelection campaign — more than anyone has ever spent to become mayor of anything, and many, many times more than his effectively resourceless Democratic challenger, City Comptroller Bill Thompson.
  • There is virtually nothing in the dirt-poor, resourceless, and strategically impotent Afghanistan that has anything worth dying for, save for a mythical pipeline that no corporation in its right mind would build due to the volatility of the area, which has existed for centuries.
  • As noble as his financial ideas may be, they left him cut-off from his usual union pocketbooks, friendless and resourceless in an election year.
  • But he himself was nearly as resourceless as a child new born to the world.
  • Still, SNAP has grown from a group of eager, but resourceless students, to a highly regarded organization instrumental to progressive electoral gains and growth in progressive infrastructure.
  • Man will open his heart and his wallet to the more resourceless.
  • Then she told him that one of the chief causes of her sadness and her tears was the thought that, on the morrow of her death, he and Marie would be left almost resourceless, with but a slender stock of money, and no friend but God.