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What is the meaning of resettle in Hindi?

Meaning of resettle in Hindi is : फिर से स्थिर करना या ठहराना

Definition of word resettle

  • to settle in a different place (verb)

Examples of word resettle

  • But the Lipovans have no desire to "resettle" in Russia.
  • American president-elect Barack Obama has announced his intention to close the camp and wants help to "resettle" 60 prisoners.
  • Why 'resettle' new farmers only to uproot them on another scheme?
  • It's a hard life: inmates will 'resettle' in Bermuda Photo: Getty
  • As part of new President Barack Obama's plan to close the detention base in Cuba, America wants help to "resettle" 60 prisoners.
  • Which Arab country or countries would give up land in order to resettle more than 4 million Palestinians?
  • The Palestinians and the so-called Saudi Peace Plan demand that all individuals currently living in refugee camps be allowed to resettle in Israel (the Saudi Peace Plan calls for a just solution to the Palestinian refugee issue which is Arab speak for resettlement of them in what is now Israel).
  • As I have stated over and over again, this is Arab speak for resettle the refugees in Israel.
  • The book's charges include that Sir Bob Geldhof's 1984 Band Aid helped fund and provide cover for the Ethiopian government's effort to forcibly resettle hundreds of thousands of dissident northern peasants on southern plantations.
  • The U.S. immigration program gives Cuban doctors yet another reason to serve abroad: a way to resettle in the U.S.