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What is the meaning of requirement in Hindi?

Meaning of requirement in Hindi is : मांग

Definition of word requirement

  • A necessity or prerequisite; something required or obligatory. (noun)

Examples of word requirement

  • In that case, assuming the private couple meets the requirements of the forum state which often includes, among other requirement, a *residency requirement*, a home study within the jurisdiction, and several procedural hoops, has a valid adoption, then travels back to Oklahoma, thenyes.
  • The term "requirement" does not mean that detention of U.S. citizens is optional under this provision.
  • My main requirement is that I be within 1-2 hours of Guadalajara, since that airport has frequent, relatively cheap service to and from the US west coast where my kids live.
  • Its clear the requirement is all about pumping up the eye doctor business.
  • I believe formulating such a requirement is an an interesting subject on its own. jstults
  • It appears the requirement is being adopted by more and more states now.
  • Section 1022's use of the word 'requirement' also has been misinterpreted as allowing U.S. citizens to be detained, but this provision does not in any way create this authority.
  • A part of the requirement is a personal interview which can be done via email.
  • But the requirement is the package stay functional -- period.