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What is the meaning of require in Hindi?

Meaning of require in Hindi is : मांगना

Definition of word require

Examples of word require

  • Socialism, which require, on one hand, that we lay the foundation for the Socialist organization of emulation, and, on the other hand, _require the use of compulsion so that the slogan of the dictatorship of the proletariat should not be weakened by the practice of a too mild proletarian government_.
  • Not all uses of the term require reference to a divinity or divinities.
  • Why, for example, does the definition require that a map depict data over time?
  • The word "require" appears 811 times in the 244-page rule and its 103-page supplement.
  • For this crazy idea to stick, we require a Latin word *handus, but as the reader can tell by the asterisk, it doesn't exist at least as far as I know.
  • The auto insurance requirement that most states require is a poor analogy to the health care mandate for a number of reasons.
  • I say all this to say that if you should try this “Rauchwein” and not find it to your liking, all that it might require is an appropriate food pairing.
  • In the end, I think, what we require is a new mind set, one which grasps afresh that architecture isn't just about aesthetics.
  • "All it's going to require is for those guys to do their normal competitions," Jarrett says.