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What is the meaning of represents in Hindi?

Meaning of represents in Hindi is :

Definition of word represents

  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of represent. (verb)

Examples of word represents

  • Not that all art reproduces an external reality, as it is said that painting or literature represents and music does not; but every work of art, in painting, poetry, music, or in the handiwork of the craftsman, _represents_ in that it is the symbol of the creator's ideal.
  • The designation represents a U.S. attempt to crack down on a circle of politically connected Afghan businessmen who have long been accused of criminal behavior and who have come to represent the culture of corruption that has hobbled the Afghan government.
  • The title represents a number of images and themes in the book.
  • The term represents the same lazy, shallow thinking that got us into Iraq, where Americans were persuaded that by dumping over Saddam, we were avenging 9/11.
  • Still, the label represents a significant track record of quality that wouldn't necessarily emerge from a single tasting, Mr. Steinberger says.
  • They might learn the word “altruism” and rather than simply memorizing its definition, they note that the word represents a form of kindness and that it is related to charity, helping, and caring for others, and self-sacrifice.
  • The present holder of the title represents the houses of Colinton, Woodhall, and Ravelstone.