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What is the meaning of represented in Hindi?

Meaning of represented in Hindi is : निरूपित

Definition of word represented

  • Simple past tense and past participle of represent. (verb)

Examples of word represented

  • The idea that I thought that the term represented was certainly helpful to me, in understanding the delights of twists and turns of plot and character.
  • If the term represented the physical quantity that appears in the continuous equations I would expect to see calculations that look like the description.
  • Thus from its first use, the term represented an attempt at a perfect thought system, the unity of reason and revela - tion, but present in the history of thought only as an ideal which may be said to be “regulative” (in Kant's sense) and directive of man's striving for intellectual unity.
  • For a few centuries afterwards the title represented an empire which was but a quarter fact, three-quarters tradition, the emperor being duly elected by the diet of German princes, but by no means submissively obeyed.
  • Within 24 hours, the tag represented nearly 1 of every 500 uses of a hashtag.
  • Type: Type of the expression represented by the syntax node.
  • But perhaps the name represented other ideas and aspirations that Stephen Wall harbored for his son.