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What is the meaning of remissions in Hindi?

Meaning of remissions in Hindi is :

Definition of word remissions

  • Plural form of remission. (noun)

Examples of word remissions

  • KAPLIN: I am very optimistic that we will get as Montel discussed earlier initially ways of putting people into longer-term remissions; spreading out the periods of exacerbation.
  • The candidate molecule represents a therapy that has been shown preclinically to modify the course of asthmatic disease and produce long term remissions.
  • It cannot be cured, but new therapies used in combination and in sequence can create long-term remissions for many patients with a good quality of life.
  • It cannot be cured; however, using new therapies in combination and in sequence can provide the potential for long-term remissions with a good quality of life.
  • Although frontline therapies for Hodgkin and T-cell lymphomas often achieve long-term remissions, a significant number of patients require additional treatment, including stem cell transplant and chemotherapy regimens.
  • Its inventor is attempting to patent a version of it to profiteer off of it even though there is no need to improve upon the GcMAF molecule -- it worked without failure to completely cure four different types of cancer with no long-term remissions and without side effect.
  • If the appeals are successful, the men would then also be eligible for further twice-yearly sentence remissions, meaning they could be out of jail as early as 2020.
  • We need to find out how long these remissions last.
  • And when my mother seemed to go into remissions and we were functioning as a family were fun -- as were the times I spent with my cousins.
  • The drug Gleevec, targeted just for this disease, created miraculous remissions and now has become the standard therapy for CML from Siddartha Mukerjee's "The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer".