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What is the meaning of remediless in Hindi?

Meaning of remediless in Hindi is : बिना चिकित्सा या उपाय का

Definition of word remediless

  • Not having a remedy; not capable of being remedied. (adjective)

Examples of word remediless

  • Redeemer; salvation itself cannot save those whom the Saviour condemns, which makes the ruin remediless.
  • Consider then, how much better you would account for the talents com-mitted to you; how much more joy you would give to the best of friends; how much more good you would do to your fellow creatures, by permitting yourself to be called out into active life, with all its variety of relations, than you can while you continue obstinately in a single state, on purpose to indulge a remediless sorrow.
  • He tells us that our ills are remediless, and that human institutions, and the resources of human ingenuity, are feathers, capable of doing little harm, and no more competent to produce us benefit.
  • I could not see her thus lost, without exerting myself to remedy the evil — remediless I knew, if I could not in the end bring her to reconcile herself to Raymond.
  • Our party was a melancholy one; each was possessed by regret for what was remediless; for the absence of his mother shadowed even the infant gaiety of Evelyn.


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