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What is the meaning of remedies in Hindi?

Meaning of remedies in Hindi is :

Definition of word remedies

  • Plural form of remedy. (noun)
  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of remedy. (verb)

Examples of word remedies

    • But so far, short term remedies like the American Recovery Act have not been able to keep the US economy hiring, and growing.
    • The list of subliminal remedies is enormous, but when choosing a supplier and a product, be sure to check out client testimonials, to see if the product has had the desired effect on others before you.
    • We are going to also try to seek all the remedies from the court of law that that kind of media does not appear again on the Ugandan streets.
    • The benefit of tort type remedies is their dynamism, evolution.
    • Like generic prescriptions, private-label remedies and first-aid supplies can yield big savings.


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