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What is the meaning of remedied in Hindi?

Meaning of remedied in Hindi is : प्रतिकार करना

Definition of word remedied

  • Simple past tense and past participle of remedy. (verb)

Examples of word remedied

  • The label remedied its mistake a few hours later but, by then, enough fans around the globe-including the fan blog U2log. com-had snatched it up for $19.98 to turn a leak into a flood.
  • One thing not so easily remedied is what I think remains the biggest threat to future league success: underage players.
  • Flanders front could be remedied from the base or Great Britain in two or three days, needed in the
  • I say "remedied" because the word doesn't make me weep.
  • In today's Post coverage, titled "Ritter Staff Skirts Disclosures," reporter Jessica Fender highlights the fact that the new order will not retroactively cover the last three years of Ritter's violations, not even with the aid of Ritter's own spin machine, headed up by spokesman Evan Dreyer, who flippantly referred to the mistake as "an oversight," and one that had been "remedied" by the new order.


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