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What is the meaning of remedial in Hindi?

Meaning of remedial in Hindi is : सुधारात्मक

Definition of word remedial

  • curative; providing a remedy (adjective)
  • intended to correct or improve deficient skills in some subject (adjective)

Examples of word remedial

    • If this Washington Post article is to be believed, I think some prominent Washington figures may need a course in remedial math:
    • Collins said he would like to see states move remove "rigid census dates and seat-time requirements," which he argued hinder innovation in remedial coursework design.
    • In our classrooms, workshops, and research studies, we find that teachers often feel unprepared to address the instructional needs of students with language, reading, and writing problems, although these groups compose the large majority of those in remedial and special education ...
    • She should be groveling over her chosen incompetence and engaging in remedial studies, and nobody should be giving her the slightest respect until she does that. bob h Says:
    • Students start in remedial classes and never make it to the college level.


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