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What is the meaning of remediable in Hindi?

Meaning of remediable in Hindi is : चिकित्स्य

Definition of word remediable

  • Capable of being remedied. (adjective)

Examples of word remediable

  • The critics of privatization, avoiding both the conceptual error and the unconstructive consequences of deontological declarations, focus on particular and potentially remediable defects, thus inviting rather than foreclosing a response.
  • Vision, hearing, memory, cognition, bone and muscle strength, skin tone, hair and of course sexual vigor will all be remediable in the near future.
  • Henry Petroski wrote “the essence of engineering is to construe every limiting aspect of existence as a remediable malfunction”.
  • Or as a US federal judge said in 2006, “The assessment of the death penalty, however well designed the system for doing so, remains a human endeavour with a consequent risk of error that may not be remediable.”
  • The big question is which of these incapacities are contingent -- specific to particular conditions and institutional arrangements, and thus remediable -- and which are structural, inherent in any system of representative government.


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