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What is the meaning of regulation in Hindi?

Meaning of regulation in Hindi is : व्यवस्थापन

Definition of word regulation

  • The act of regulating or the condition of being regulated. (noun)
  • A law or administrative rule, issued by an organization, used to guide or prescribe the conduct of members of that organization. (noun)
  • A form of legislative act which is self-effecting, and requires no further intervention by the Member States to become law. (noun)
  • In conformity with applicable rules and regulations. (adjective)

Examples of word regulation

  • Now, as people have been filled with fears that the colonies, if encouraged to raise rough materials, would set up for themselves, a little regulation would be necessary; and as they will have the providing rough materials for themselves, a _little regulation_ would remove all those jealousies out of the way.
  • I know free-market thinkers and believers just hate the term regulation, but we saw the damage done by banks who went for years unregulated.
  • ` ` Scoring 168 points in regulation is unheard of.
  • ` ` One rebound in regulation is probably what it comes down to, '' Riley said.
  • The only other team that hasn't lost in regulation is Buffalo (9-0).


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