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What is the meaning of reformating in Hindi?

Meaning of reformating in Hindi is :

Definition of word reformating

  • Present participle of reformat. (verb)

Examples of word reformating

  • So I'll be at MarsCon this weekend, and at some point it would probably also be wise to post my schedule (if, for no other reason than that the retyping/reformating of it would help me remember to go!)
  • Hopefully Ted Turner will catch wind of this and start reformating classic movies to work this way.
  • Between formating and reformating league registration pages and trying to keep a tiny pet mouse safe, my dreams were just pure anxiety.
  • Even if the consumer uninstall Spore, and entirely deletes it from their computer, SecuROM remains a fixture in their computer unless and until the consumer completely wipes their hard drive through reformating or replacement of the drive.
  • I still have the copies on the hard drive but my A drive is apparently reformating my disks when I try to save to them.


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