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What is the meaning of reformat in Hindi?

Meaning of reformat in Hindi is :

Definition of word reformat

  • To format anew or again, generally erasing a previous format. (verb)

Examples of word reformat

  • After several rewrites, I do things such as reformat it in a new font and spacing just so it looks different to me.
  • As researchers, "we have to 'reformat' and consider several angles," says Anders, who is based at the Rice Research and Extension Center (RREC) outside Stuttgart, Ark. "The first regards production and how you can, perhaps, get back into less tillage/no-till or a minimum-till system."
  • I think AMC did this to kind of "reformat" the character.
  • To prevent prying eyes, before turning it in and after transferring contents to your new Mac, be sure to run a military style reformat on the had drive, (Three reformats minimum with a boot sector wipe each time). datingjesus
  • Also, I have to reformat The Red Tree ms. — — something about the copyeditor — — and send the newly formatted ms. to my editor tomorrow.


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