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What is the meaning of recyclable in Hindi?

Meaning of recyclable in Hindi is : पुनः चक्रित करने योग्य

Definition of word recyclable

  • Able to be recycled. (adjective)
  • An object that can be recycled, such as a soda can. (noun)

Examples of word recyclable

    • After experiencing a decline in recyclable materials, the city of Bristol, Connecticut, have decided to randomly pick through citizens garbage to ensure they are not throwing away recyclables with ordinary trash: In an effort to ensure full participation in recycling, which is mandated by state law and by city ordinance, the Public Works Department will randomly audit the contents of rubbish barrels to ensure that recyclable materials are not being disposed of with rubbish.
    • They raised prices to rob the poor - and somehow took all the customers away from the traditional, cheaper shops, where food was presented in recyclable brown paper bags.
    • That's a fair question to ask, since we consumers are constantly being reassured that a product is "green" or "greener" because it is "recyclable" -- even when, in reality, the product is barely being recycled at all.
    • The stuff, called Thermo Poly Rock, is waterproof, fire-retardant and rot-proof — which is good for houses — as well as insulating and recyclable, which is good for the environment.
    • We've even heard about this so-called recyclable vehicle.
    • Sprint Nextel calls recyclable Reclaim phone a success
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