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What is the meaning of recount in Hindi?

Meaning of recount in Hindi is : सुनाअना

Definition of word recount

Examples of word recount

  • Actually, there's only one individual who really gets held up to ridicule in Recount, and that's the woman who was Florida's secretary of state at the time, Republican Katherine Harris, who is played in spectacularly creepy fashion by Dern.
  • HBO Films did a movie last year -- "Recount" -- detailing the hotly contested Bush-Gore race for the presidency in 2000.
  • a smooth, brass-knuckled James A. Baker III in Recount, shown last night.
  • I sat at home Memorial Day Weekend, choosing not to go anywhere because of the high price of gasoline ($75 to fill up the tank is the breaking point), and I settled in to watch HBO's presentation on the 2000 election battle called Recount starring Kevin Spacey.
  • There is a reportedly good movie called Recount premiering on HBO about the Florida recount next month.