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What is the meaning of reconstruct in Hindi?

Meaning of reconstruct in Hindi is : फिर से रचना

Definition of word reconstruct

  • To construct again; to restore. (verb)

Examples of word reconstruct

  • Robin reconstruct's my argument well, but I watn to make some changes to his version that better reflect my original intent:
  • Use of the word reconstruct implies that there were preexisting quality relationships.
  • So much one can reconstruct from the first glimpse across the valley; but when one enters the town all perspective is lost in chaos.
  • I should have mentioned that with the original text it's not too difficult (unlike this editor) to "reconstruct" the original EXOIII card
  • The other part of the problem is there was absolutely no case history on anybody there, so we had to kind of reconstruct who these folks were, and now some have been transferred, others are bound for transfer, others are bound for trial, and some are still there as detainees whose status is undetermined.